Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Past Week

This is going to a long, more in-depth version of the 'I'm Pushing 30' post I made a couple of weeks ago. So, if you're not really into reading a self-loathing pity party type crybaby fest, I suggest you just skip this whole thing and wait till next time. I'm sure my next post will have something to do with pizza and fun, or something like that. For everyone sticking it out, hopefully, at the very least, you'll feel a little better about yourself for not being me after you're done reading this. Who am kidding? We all hate ourselves. Ha.


Ah, 2008. The year I had it all figured out. Before the new year I bought one of those dry erase calender board things that you're supposed to plan your life to, erasing it all at the start of a new month to plan out what's coming up next - mine still has February written wrong at the top of it. Just another New Years Resolution left unresolved. Does that last sentence even make sense? Who cares, anyhow. I guess what I'm trying to say is: What started out as a year of accomplishing goals, just ended up like all the rest - a list full of lofty ideas and plans that either barely got started and were left reaching for my attention, or never even left my brain, left to rot and eventually be forgotten. Just like last year, ya know?

I don't know where I'm getting at...actually I do know, I just don't want to go there. Not here at least. I mean, this isn't exactly a diary. I can name 5 people very close to me who are going to read this once they get an email telling them I made a new blog post. And maybe only one of those five knows me well enough not to care, or better yet, not call or write me to tell me it's okay. I know it's okay. Just let me do it.

Can I break this up by saying that this some serious bullshit? Okay.

Where was I? oh yeah, pity party...

Imagine all your hopes and dreams, goals, and everything else that gets you out of bed in the morning as air in the tires of your bike. Now imagine riding your bike through that field with the bushes that have the spikey thorns in it. The one you always forget about until you're actually riding through it getting yet another flat tire. I guess you can say that I'm getting tired of patching up the tubes.

That's pretty much all of it without going into detail. Sorry for the tease, really, I am. I just got a little shy. Maybe I should choose a new path, clear of that fucking field, right? That's where I'm at right now. Yep, pretty much.


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