Sunday, November 09, 2008

Things and Stuffs.

There's nothing like being beat at your own game. You just can't be pissed. And anything beyond just going with the flow and waiting things out is defeat. Sometimes you want to just wave the white flag and surrender, but they've got you beat, and they ain't takin' no fucking prisoners.

I'm such a masochist. I want to create more silly scenarios just to get on your bad's so wrong of me, I know. Truthfully though, I just love passion...preferably served boiling fucking hot. The faster our hearts are beating and the more I stutter, choking on all the wrong things to say while your eyes are burning through my soul, the better. It's the mental equivalent of being slapped in the face, and pushed over the kneeling bully you didn't know was right behind you, all within one motion. But I love it. I can't tell you why, or how, or what made me love this self torture...I just do. But don't get me wrong, I like the good stuff's all a balance I guess.

There's nothing wrong with speaking the truth. Given our openness, and our histories that have crossed paths more than a handful of times, we both know enough shit about the other to expect an adventure. Would you honestly expect any less from the dude who wears his wacky life experiences on his sleeve like a badge of honor? My mouth is big, a size 10W to be exact, and my foot fits in it like a perfect fitting pair of Vans. It's not the first, and hopefully not the last, time you get to help me shove it in for me. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

I'm honestly more in love with you now than I ever have been. I'm a strange one, I know.


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