Friday, November 09, 2007

It Must Be Friday.

It's 5:48am and I'm alone in the kitchen. I hear Timmy rumbling around down in his room, but Marco is nowhere to be found. He's probably sleeping peacefully. It's a bummer, man. I really like the chemistry of the three of us together in the wee hours of the morning. I go to bed each morning with a smile on my face after hearing about the night I missed, except on Fridays. I'd go more in detail, but you don't care.

Playlist for the past two days:

- the song 'Banana Splits' by The Dickies (over and over again).
- St. Vitus 'St. Vitus' record played very loud in my car.
- Morning time at the Lodge (well, minus right now).
- the quesadilla.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dusting Off The...Well, Dust...

Did I register this thing over a year ago? Damn. Well, shit. Where did the time go? Better late than never I guess...right? Anyhow, here goes:

It's 4am on a Wednesday. It's the 7th day of November (already?), and I'm tired from work. Right now I'm waiting for my pizza to cook and thinking 'Why the hell didn't I start this thing last week while I was on vacation?'. Well, I was busy with things, and it didn't occur to me that I had this blog until last Friday when I was outside of a shitty bar sitting on the curb talking to my friend Melinda.

We were shooting the shit like we used to years ago, and she asked if I was still writing. The truth is, no. But it's not because I didn't want to or didn't have the time. I just wasn't. Can't remember when I stopped either. It's been months really. Who cares though, right? I mean, I didn't really care till she asked. She wasn't the first person to ask, but she was the first to get me off my ass and doing something again. Thanks Melinda!

Anyhow, I know this isn't much of a first post to my blog, but whatever, right? It's something, and that's all that matters. Maybe next time I won't have ten hours of work under my belt before I sit down and have a go here. Maybe.

Up Next:

-a full recap of my experience at The Fest! in Gainesville.
-pizza reviews!
-more randomness.

My top 5 for today:

-the new Pink Razors 7"+ their Fest! set (favorite new band discoveries rule!)
-all audio and live output by the band Drunken Boat (you can add seeing Harrison still doing his wonderful thing at the Fest! as a kick in my ass to start this blog up too...)
-Red Baron French Bread Pizzas
-The tedious task of converting vinyl to MP3 (is not fun at all, but totally worth it for rock out with your headphone seshes at 4:30 in the morning).
-anticipating the arrival of the Anti-Matter book.