Thursday, January 01, 2009

Poopy on New Years.

I usually keep these posts to a minimum, but I haven't typed anything on here for a good minute, so I figured I'd air some shit out. Well, not really air anything out...just type my mind a little. Sorry in advance for the shitty post. Both in my attitude, and my lack of sticking to a topic. My New Years resolution was to keep my mouth shut and smile....and I blew it before 3am.

The past two weeks or so have been way too busy for my liking. My sister was married, then there was Christmas, and I'll talk about New Years here in a sec. I'm working 5 nights a week, with my days off spent catching up with everyone who's in town for the holidays. Sleeping 5 hours max when you do what I do for a living just isn't enough time to recharge for the next day, let alone enough to be in a halfway decent mood for things. To keep a long, pointless rant short: I'm spent.

A certain friend who knows just what buttons to press, and when to press them is, well, pressing my fucking buttons. Making me angry enough to not be able think of clever ways to even describe what's going on, or how what he says/does effects me. He's just a condescending dick, but only towards me, and only when there's an audience to laugh about it. So much in fact, if he read this, he'd wait for the right time, like at dinner or something involving a bunch of friends, and bring it up there...But not discretely to just me, no. He'd announce to the whole crowd, just loud enough for everyone to tune in, knowing full well he's winning whatever game he thinks we're playing. You suck man. It's getting old. I'm so glad you're only around once or twice a year. See you when I see you. Thanks for pointing out the fact that I'm always on edge. Ever think it's because of you?

New Years could of been awesome if I would of let it just happen. The entire night was spent getting ready for something. I woke up too early and couldn't get back to sleep, and I just felt like I was running late all day. I missed the countdown trying to be somewhere comfortable, only to find myself hearing fireworks and people cheering without me even realizing it. The room Taj set up for us was awesome, and I'm glad she went out of her way for it. She's one person I wish didn't live so far away, but that's another story. Apple Jack is my new drink of choice, just try it on ice with some sweet tea, you'll thank me.

Last, but not least, I'm crushing fucking hard. It's probably a key ingredient towards my edginess. But that's top secret shit.

This will probably be deleted soon. Soak it up. I'd totally get an F in 3rd grade English for this.