Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bake Sale's and Love/Lust.

Everyone is on drugs but me. No, really. I didn't even catch a buzz tonight. I was a good boy? Considering there was about 100 or so people in my house watching bands play/eating homemade sweet treats for charity, my nerves weren't in the mood for any 'enlightenment'. Plus I was still nursing my hangover from Friday. Day drinking is still day drinking when you work a graveyard shift and wake up as the sun is setting. 'Just because it's happy hour, doesn't mean your body is ready' b/w 'Bobby is assed out at the kitchen table by 10pm' <---- My night as a 2 song 45 single (with the big hole) .

Anyhow, where am I getting with this? Nowhere I guess. It's been a while since I've messed on this thing, and I figured I'd give it a go. Oh yeah, my direction is in my title! Duh.

There's teeth marks on my neck. I was due. I think we both were. My brain needed it, honestly. She's lovely, always has been. I'll stop here before I start choking on my toenails.

Which leads me to the love part. I'm pretty sure everything I've been playful about for the past year in a half is true. Out of nowhere I had to pull her aside and let her know. She didn't run away, act strange or anything. She agreed. Maybe one day? If I get lucky. She's got it, and it explains why every other girl in her place doesn't quite fit. A part of me really wishes I would of made a move that night in Sketch Center. I had my chance at redemption, and I played the gentleman. Always. Geez, I'm getting personal. I'll stop.

Onto other things. It seems I'm going everywhere in this. Back to the Bake Sale! Fun was had and no one caused any problems. Bryan's plan came together. I'm glad I could help.

Being vague. I hope you understand.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

long nights and mixtapes...

My sleep schedule has been fucked lately...I mean, it's fucked usually do to my work schedule, but I haven't been sleeping much at all really. And if I am sleeping, it's catching up on the sleep I lost. I called in to work last night and slept for 5 hours only to still be up right now, at 9am, almost 12 hours after my nap. Oh well.

I've been super critical of my own shitty habits lately, and I could have drank a few beers and been out by now, but I've been drinking less. I could have joined the party downtown, but instead decided to just show up and get bored because everyone was buzzed and I was drinking cranberry juice. Downtown's getting boring anyways. No matter what the location, no matter how pretty the people are inside, a bar is a fucking bar. I'd much rather hang out in an empty dive than stand shoulder to shoulder in a crowded over-hyped place any day. Too bad a lot of my friends don't feel the same way. Oh well.

* * *

So yeah, I've been chillin' at home half the morning listening to this awesome series of hip hop mixes made by year from 1979-1996 by a group of DJ's from Brooklyn who call themselves 'The Rub' ( I downloaded 79-89 a couple of weeks ago, and remembered to download the 90-93 tonight. I'm halfway through 1990, and I've got 91-93 to go, '94 comes out next week and so on.

I've come home from work every morning just sitting alone in my kitchen with these mixes blasting in my headphones bringing back memories of being a latch key kid with nothing else to do before/after school but listen to the radio. Luckily I grew up in LA and had an awesome radio station named KDAY to listen to, or I might be writing about shitty butt rock right now. I'm not going to give you the complete history of KDAY, because this is the internet, and you can just google that shit, right? KDAY was the first all hip hop radio station ever, and it was based out of LA, and they never used a playlist, it was truely an all request station. If it wasn't for KDAY, west coast hip hop wouldn't exist, and east coast hip hop would have never left the east coast. The station left a huge impression on me at a young age, and exposed a lot of different music and ways of thinking about the world. I mean, I started listening in the 3rd grade before school. I can honestly say that Hip Hop shaped my life in alot of the same ways that Punk/Hardcore did some years later. I can also say that I truely cannot understand how people listen to 'normal' 'pop' music at all when theres a shitload of great, REAL music all around them that's a million times better. Anyhow...I feel like I'm rambling...I guess that's what you do on these things though, right?

Playlist for lately:

The Rub Hip Hop mix series (especially 87-90)
Knife Fight - Crisis
Love Pentagon - Live