Thursday, January 31, 2008

I suck, I know.

So my initial run at this thing lasted only two days. Oops. Nothing I can say really other than that. Right now it's 9:30 in the morning on the last day of January. I'm tired, hungry, and can't sleep. I'd eat some food, but Frank is on my couch sleeping and I don't want to wake him. I shouldn't eat before bed anyways. Anyhow, I'm rambling, aren't I?

I figured I'd get back on this thing because people were asking me about it, and I really enjoy writing stuff. And if people are asking me about it, than I guess my life is interesting enough for people to want to read in on it. At the time I started this up, my life was pretty fucking nutty. Not that it's normal now in any sense, but believe me shit was crazy. I also forgot my password and what email I used when I created this, so that took a while to figure out. Anyhow, enough excuses, right?

What's going on? Hrmm..let's see...Ummm. I guess you'll have to tune in tomorrow? Haha...